Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Thursday, 12 June 2014

More vintage textiles.

So, here we go with more lovely things.
I cannot really remember a time when I haven't
loved everything to do with textiles.
I can remember as a child looking
at all the buttons in my
Nan's button box.
I still have many of them.
So to go to a textile fair is always a delight.

I thought the jacket below was beautiful.
It was  tiny so it didn't come
home with me.

The jacket below is a typical Breton style.

There was a lot of chanvre or hemp
which was heavily embroidered in very bright
floral designs.

Always a favourite of mine is the linen embroidered with red,
here the seller had added the lovely red ribbons
to keep the napkins together.

 Then there were many hats, look at old photographs and everyone wore a hat.

Tables full of beautiful lace, I can remember having some detachable lace collars on dresses
when I was a little girl.

Some amazingly beautiful intricate pieces of embroidery.

The piece below was just so beautiful.

Rails of period clothes.
You need to be slim to fit most of the vintage clothes.
People were much thinner in the past, many
with tiny waists and women wore very
tight corsets.

So last of all what I fell for, these sweet little cases.
I bought a small brown one but had to go back and get the blue one.
They are now being used to keep jewellery in.
I LOVE them.

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  1. Hi Diane, do you have any dates when you are coming please as we need to book things ourselves ha ha xx