Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

More from Fes - Morocco.

I am sorry that I have been somewhat slow in posting but here we go with 
some more photos of our visit to Fes.

Amazing curtain cords - looked wonderful.

We went one afternoon to a beautiful park full of cactus, orange trees,
fountains and many very large trees.

When passing one very knurled one I noticed the beautiful
scene pictured below.

This very pretty contented mother cat had found the best place possible to be with
her little kitten.
If you look very carefully to the left of the two photographs you will see her baby
curled up happily next to its mum.
I could have looked at the two of them for some time but didn't want to spoil their peace.

In the medina everywhere there are people, mainly men, making the most beautiful things.
There are areas that are specific to a particular craft.
Here a plate is being decorated in the metal souk.

An example here below of one of the pierced brass lanterns and a beautiful painted ceiling.

Cactus growing happily in the gardens.

The distinctive green glazed roof tiles of a mosque.

One of the many handmade carpets for sale.

In many of the buildings that are being renovated the traditional
skills are being used - this plaster work was in a riad that had been designed inside by a 
young Belgian couple.

In the newly renovated riad the couple had gone for a simpler, more modern approach
to the decor but still keeping the essential elements of the crafts of the area.
These simple brushes are beautifully made craft pieces but are used in everyday life
in a country were so little is churned out by machines.

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