Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ghost Signs in Rennes - magic.

Summer continues to hide itself here in Brittany.
I have laryngitis and a terrible cold too.

So as I sit here feeling tired and fed up 
I was thinking what to show you.

Earlier this week we had to go to Rennes
a wonderful city.
We sat out and had our evening meal
and there across the square surrounded by
medieval buildings was this 
wonderful wall.

I love these old wall adverts - they are just
The older they get the better they look.

We just need others to think they're wonderful too.
I believe that somewhere on the 
internet is a sight that stores these 
wall paintings in photographs.

So if any of you know where it is and what its
called please let me know.

I'm up very early this morning as my coughing is keeping us both awake .
As a consequence I've found that there are many people like me who love
what I have now found are called " Ghost Signs " so I've changed the title
for this post, must say the name adds to their magic.


  1. fabulous photographs Diane - am glad you founf the 'Ghost Signs' group. The images are work collecting. I hope you are feeling a litttle better today. Summer colds are horrid. x

  2. What a brilliant sign!

    British ghost signs can be found at whose author is founder of an archive at History of Advertising Trust - and there are lots of French ghost signs at Les Murs Peints.

    (I also have a selection on my blog at Caroline's Miscellany )