Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beautiful Vintage Cars.

On Saturday we went to the market at St Brieuc,
 the other reason was to see the amazing vintage cars 
that had gathered for the annual Coup Florio.

The 2cv is just one of my most favourite cars.
One day I intend to have one !

The car below just has to be one of the most elegant cars I've ever seen.

The car below is a Morgan - my married surname and once many years ago
 Mr P had one - sadly I did't know him then !!!

The car below is the one on  Mr P's wish list !

However we decided that this one was our top choice - so beautifully elegant.
One can dream !!


  1. I had a red Citroen 2CV many years ago and past my driving test in a Citroen Dyane...bright yellow!
    You are in the best place to acquire a 2CV... they are such fun cars especially with the roof right back....go and get one!
    Julie x

  2. Those cars are absolutely elegant! Well, the 1950’s vintage cars exude an air of elegance and sophistication. But there were some changes with regards car appearance during the 70’s and the 80’s, and that was when the muscle cars were born, featuring a type of vehicle that speaks speed and road performance. Still, it is fun to see these beauties still running on the road. Seeing one definitely puts a smile on your face.

    -Leisa Dreps

  3. You’re right, Leisa! Vintage cars never fail to amaze me. Vintage cars are just a classic piece of history. Just look at the beautifully restored beauties – always trendy!

    - Carson Wininger

  4. Oh my! I just can’t help but be impressed whenever I see vintage cars. :) They are all superb! It has always been interesting to see the cars of old. Vintage car shows should be held annually around the world so that everyone can have a glimpse of our wonderful history.

    Dante Mallet

  5. That Citroën 2CV is indeed iconic! Well, gray is a monotonous color, but the owner of this Citroën definitely made it an eye-catching ride. He/she should be given kudos for that. A fun trivia: these cars were invented to shift French peasantry from carts and horses. :D

    Naomi Champy

    1. These vintage cars are definitely beautiful, especially that Citroën 2CV. Naomi's right. In addition, the Citroën 2CV is actually designed for a low cost, simple, versatile, and reliable off-road driving.

      Claudio Mccarty

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