Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 7 May 2012

Fete des jardins - La Roche Jagu.

Yesterday was a day for plants and gardens in France and of course the results of the Presidential election.

Many places all over France had big festivals where people came to look at wonderful gardens and where there were lots of plants for sale.

We went to la Roche Jagu which is an old chateau owned by our department, Cote D'Armor.

Although it wasn't too warm or sunny there were thousands of people there looking and buying plants and also walking around the gardens .
La Roche Jagu stands on the edge of an estuary and the views are just wonderful.

The lilacs were out and their perfume and colour added against the blue sky was just so good.

I was delighted to find someone selling one of my favourite plants.

The Auricula.

I came away with four of these little darlings.

In the next post I'll show you some photographs of these beauties and tell you more about them.


  1. How lovely to 'meet' you! Brittany is simply my favourite part of France. Infact my husband hails from Brittany although he is from the southern parts! I have spent some joyful times in the CĂ´tes d'Armor. And you are a lover of gardens too? Gardens are a big passion of mine.

    I look forward to visiting you again all the way from Tours ;-)


    1. Hello to you Stephanie.
      Good to meet you too.

      I hope you'll enjoy future posts from here and that you'll join my followers list.

      Off to the coast near Hillion tomorrow for a troc et puces.


  2. Hi Diane, I showed my husband your lilac photos and he rolled his eyes because our lilacs won't bloom here in Virginia!

    I'm looking for you on my followers list too :-)
    Have fun aux puces. Deborah

    1. I'm there now deborah - I'll look for you on my list too !!

      Hope you've had a good day.


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