Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A trip to Paris, first off to Versailles.

Last Saturday we were near Versailles, our first trip there ever.
Mr P was playing in the biggest amateur golf final in France.
He was delighted to be playing at Golf National at Guyancourt.

We had decided that as we would be so near to Versailles and Paris we would have a little holiday.

On Sunday we headed off to Versailles, we were both overwhelmed by its beauty and also of the extravagance of the times it was built.

We were so lucky to have a beautifully sunny day and everywhere looked wonderful.

There was an exhibition of the sculptures of Venet which I loved, they worked so well in the huge vistas of the gardens.

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  1. How lovely, I rarely venture beyond Finistere, when in Brittany. But we are planning a Eurostar trip to Paris next Autumn (we need the 5 year old to be bigger - for all the walking!) thanks for your kind comment :-)

    We have had dreadful weather, it poured when I took my lovely bag to Petersham Nurseries Laetrile week so I couldn't get any decent photos, should be better this week, so I will try again!