Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Three Little Fishes.

When I'm not working in the garden, especially now with the vegetables, or in the house I try to get some time to make my bags.

You will all understand the kind of balance that I'm talking about.
A big old house and garden like this, especially one still being renovated, takes a lot of time.

Somehow I do make time and this is the latest bag finished, I'm not sure where the fishes came from but I am pleased with them complete with their little pearl button eyes.

The blue checked fabric on the outside is from the 1930's and the  beige is linen.
The bags are lined with a Manuel Canovas cotton.
I'm always on the look out for fabrics when I go to brocantes.

This little sailor is a tiny money box.

I use two names on my pieces of work.
When we lived in England I sold many of my handmade cards to galleries and used the name ' Pilgrim Trading ' when we came here I wanted to carry that on but decided also to have a French name. So there is ' La Lune et Le Lievre ', I have always loved hares and we are lucky to have some in the countryside here and of course they are always associated with the moon.

At the moment whenever the weather is a bit overcast or wet I'm busy, when I have the time, dyeing some old chanvre ( hemp ) with an idigo colour. I'm pleased with the results so far and soon I'll show you the results.

Just to add a little note.
A few months ago I did a post about my friends at Manoir Kerledan .
The French press has been writing about them and their manoir with great interest - I am so delighted for them as they work so very hard and are a wonderful couple.

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  1. My lovely bag arrived today, thank you so much. This one looks delightful too, you are very talented! Jude x