Life at Kerjacob .

Life at Kerjacob .

Monday, 28 February 2011

Little joys.

Spring shows more and more.

Yesterday between showers I got some more of my pots of bulbs placed at the front of the house.
I worked on two collaged boxes - more of them later in the week and I looked through my photo library to give you a little look at things in Kerjacob.

All feathers found here or given to me by friends.

Pie looking very aloof !

Tortue and Samuel together - he loves that.

Today I woke to sunshine but the heavy showers and grey skies are back now so it will be another day of getting on with my cards and boxes.

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  1. Oh I just read your comment oh that is so sad and so father died when I was 3 and when he was poorly in hospital he sent letters to my mom and me with little drawings of Stars and magic dust on the back of them for me like a fairy/magical game.I didnt remember them I was too young....and I only read them by accident when I found them one day in my moms drawers by the bed.. I think I was about 11 and looking for Christmas presents as children do!, she had remarried by then but had kept them. They were like treasure to me as I knew so little of my daddy and I read them over and over again, but never said anything, unfortunately they were burnt soon after, a disagreement (marrages huh!) so I never owned them and have never mentioned it to my mother in case it upset her that I had peeped at what I wanted to say is that I know just how precious these things are to us, to the way we view the world and those that love us, and who we love. And I am SO happy that you have yours, so pleased.
    Goodnight xxx
    Lynn xxxx